Who We Are

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.”
-Sir Richard Burton

Right at the heart of Kathmandu, tour operator – Mount Face Nepal is established with the primary commitment of providing the most unique and authentic travel experience in all the magnificent tourist destinations in Nepal. We are one of the leading travel agencies in Nepal that has been and continues to provide the best quality of service to our clients.

Within few years in business, we have operated plenty of successful treks and tours to the Himalayas and other tourist destinations in Nepal. We have the best professional team of dedicated, experienced, efficient, and highly trained staff who can surely deliver top grade services and packages in the field of tourism.

We aim to develop extraordinary tour and trek services in order to give our clients a unique and memorable experience which will give them a good reason to return. We are committed towards delivering legendary and excellent customer service and satisfaction by continuously acquiring innovations as well as enhancing the skills of our staff through training and further learning.

We commit to harmoniously work with our suppliers and clients in order to build a strong and long lasting partnership with them. Trust that we will make your journey to the Himalayas, wildlife conservation areas, and other exquisite and pleasant destinations and water sports in Nepal mesmerizing, full of excitement and fulfilling.

Why Mount Face Nepal?

Over the years, we have been revolutionizing the tourism industry by providing the best travel services to the clients from around the world. With the availability of best web of relationships between suppliers, tourism products, destination marketing organizations, tour operator, travel agents, among others, we’ve been making your Himalayan dreams a reality.

Our fondness and adoration for the mountains, the culture trekking, sightseeing tours, peak climbing, rafting, cycling, jungle safari, and our genuine desire to share to the world how magnificent and incredible Nepal is, has led to the establishment of our company and has resulted in its successful operation this far.

It infallibly feels marvelous to travel, whether we’re travelling out of town or travelling to another country. Likewise, when you have an especially good company to go along with, you can say you have lived some of the best moments of your life. Travelling will enable you to create an awesome experience, to explore, to discover and to spend quality time with yourself or with other people, whether you’re travelling for business, pilgrims, pleasure, or leisure. We are here to offer a wide array of comprehensive tour and trek packages to explore the exquisite beauty of our country.

Well experienced, friendly and pragmatism field leader.

Our company is manned by some of the best trained and skilled guides that our tourism industry has generated, and who are dependable, humble, hospitable and patient while socializing. With their best knowledge of the trials of the mountain, local cultures, and organized schedule of the journey, they will surely be able to meet all your expectations and will even share the experience with you.

Maintain individual expectation offering best services

The main objective of our organization is to provide exemplary service to the customers and to meet and even go beyond their expectations. With the dynamic environment, the components in our organization may be changing, but our team remains focused on our main goal, that is, acquiring our client’s satisfaction. We, therefore, provide you with the best authentic and reliable economic- tourism packages and activities and unbiased updates on new destinations and adventures as well.

Well trained and equipped staff

We employ people who are dynamic and who have the best knowledge about local cultures, monuments, trials of the mountain and are most hospitable. They are adept on operating all the necessary equipment and are rich in outdoor and hiking experience. They can serve every customer with the best guidance, in all sincerity and humility, and all for the customer’s convenience and comfort.

We create great value within the low price

Our company offers the best tour and trek packages at very reasonable prices. They are affordable, yet, services are not compromised. We still have the best service facilities that will meet your high expectations. We don’t take advantage and exploit our customers. We rather strive to offer our customers service more than they deserve.

Responsive, personal, flexible and easy

We reply to all your inquiries and concerns promptly and shortly. We always make ourselves available most of the time to answer your queries, be it on tour packages, weather information and updates, accommodation and many more. We have excellent communication skills, so talking to us is so easy. Likewise, we will make an effort to contact you the soonest possible to confirm your availability for the tour or trekking schedule, as well as to inform you should there be disruptions in your tour activity.

We are destination specialist for Everest region.

With the help, guidance and excellent service of our best trek leaders, we commit to make your ultimate dream of conquering all the peaks of Nepal come true. Whether you want to scale one of the peaks or hike through some of the best trials, we will always be here to help you in making your every journey successful.

24/7 availability and support

We are available 24/7 to respond to all your queries and to provide you all the support that you need in choosing the best tour packages for you and help you accomplish your journey. You can gain utmost benefits from our services. We will do our best to make the time that you invest in your trip worthwhile. We will let you see your trip in Nepal as something fun, splendid and memorable.

Mount Face Nepal is a leading adventure organization that provides the services of trekking in Nepal and tours in the Himalayas since it’s founded. We are a team of specialists that employ the services of local specialists to plan your trip.

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