Luxury Travel in Nepal

Thinking about Nepal??? You may imagine jaw dropping mountain scenery, tiny settlements perched on the edges of soaring cliffs, Hindus temples and Buddhist Stupas and gentle smiling Nepali people. Yeah! It's all true, but Nepal may also surprise you. You will conjointly feel you’ve lost 5 hundred years as you wander past untouched mountain villages; or through natural forests of oak and rhododendron; or aboard terraced rice fields that area unit still being worked with wood ploughs. Make no mistake; you'll not be able to resist trekking off into the mountains, camera at the prepared, to capture the impressive Himalayan vistas. And then there’s Kathmandu. A crazy, helter-skelter of a town with winding alleyways filled with rickshaws, secret temples, hidden courtyards with mediaeval-looking workshops and markets commercialism turn out of each color, form and smell conceivable. And this Nepal Luxury travel is thoughtfully designed for those clients who would like to explore the Himalayan country without going too high and staying in the luxury resorts and hotels. This journey provides an opportunity to explore the medieval cities, hike in the beautiful hillsides and meadows.