Mount Everest is the tallest peak in the world above sea level and is part of the Mahalangur Himal range in the Himalayas. It is separate the border between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Mount Everest is renowned for its challenging climbing routes and extreme weather conditions, captivating climbers and adventurers from around the globe. The elevation of Mount Everest is 8848 however The Chinese and Nepali Authorities measured 8848.86m in 2020AD.After various attempt by many mountaineers group from different part of the world, Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenjin Norgey Sherpa kissed the top of the world successfully for the first time in May 29, 1953.


The name of tallest mountain in the world has different names in Nepal, Tibet and worldwide. In Nepal it is known as Sagarmatha whereas Chomolungma in Tibet. Some document says that it is also known as Deudhunga. In mid 19th century, the British surveyor named the stupendous mass of ice as a Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest name came after the Sir George Everest however they also searched a well accepted local name. Before NameEverest, it was also known as PEAK XV.Qomolangma literally means Holy Mother and worshiped as the god of all Mountains in Tibet and Himalayan region of Nepal .For the first time in 1721AD the word; Qomolangma was mentioned on the Kangxi Atlas with Chinese script and later after 12 years mentioned on the map published by French geographer D’Anvile in Paris.Sagarmatha is more famous in Nepal and this name was purposed by Historian Baburam Achary and In the early 1960’s this word, SAGARMATHA was printed in coin of Nepal. The word SAGARMATHA is the fusion of two distinct words SAGAR and MATHA .SAGAR means sky and MATHA means Head than together it means the head of the great blue sky .Nepali people worshiped as Goddess of the sky in many occasion.


Mount Everest; the giant peak of the world is set up in the great Himalayas of Southern Asia stretched 2400KM East to west. Great Himalaya holds most of the world’s 8000m peak and nearly 100 above 7200m peaks. One third part of whole range settled in Nepal and Nepal is the country where Mount Everest is standing likes a great pillar in the North.  For sure, Mount Everest separates the Nepal and Tibet. Actual coordinates are nearly 27.98 Degree N Latitude and 86.925 Degree E Longitude.

In Nepal, Mount Everest is located in Khumbu Valley of Solukhumbu District in the North East of Nepal and it dominates the all peak in around Mahalangur ranges. Khumbu valley placed in Pasang lhamu rural municipality in Solukhumbu district, which is part of Koshi province of Nepal.

In China, Mount Everest is setup in Tingri County, Xigatse in the Tibet autonomous region.

Height of Mount Everest.

The recent height of Mount Everest is 8848.86m from sea level. For the first time in 1856, the authorities of India deliberated the giant mountain’s height as 8839.80 m above sea level .Furthermore, After Approximately centuries; in 1955 AD an Indian survey team finalized 8848m and remained official till 8 December 2020 AD. Most of the surveys of Mount Everest were conducted by British colonial rulers of India, Americans, and Italians however in early 2018 year Nepal Government proposed to measure the height on its own. On 8 December 2020 AD, the new height of Mount Everest was announced as 8848.86m and ended all controversy about the height of Mount Everest that was created by Earthquake 2015 AD .For Sure , the project was jointly done by Nepalese Authorities and Chinese Authorities .

Neighbor Peak of Mount Everest 

Mount Everest is one magnificent member of Mahalangur range; a sub range of great Himalayan range. Being tallest of all, Mount Everest is surrounded by some of the 8000 m as well. Lhotse, Makalu and Choyu is the tallest mountain neighboring with Mount Everest however dozens of small Mountains and peaks including  Mt.Amadablam ,Mt.Pumari,Mt.Nuptse,Mt.Khumbutse,Mt.Lingtren and many more .it  is  compactly surrounded all around  by  dozens white peaks. Trekkers and mountaineer of Mount Everest will taste the beauty of mountain family set up heavenly.

Best view of Mount Everest.

For sure, the top of the world can be seen from hundreds point around but definitely people have own perception of seeing and realizing the spiritual and natural significance of Mount Everest. Note that Head fly view of Mount Everest can be seen from Nagarkot and Chandragiri hills. Nagarkot and Chandragiri both are the hills connected with Kathmandu Valley. It is the nearest, easiest and cheapest way to get reflection from top of the world. Talking about en route of Everest Base camp trek, the first view can be seen after 10 Minutes uphill walk from Hilary Bridge before Namchebazar. If you want Mount Everest with wide frame the best view would be from National Park office garden and Everest view Hotel. Kalapathar ri is the place from where you could get the nearest and giant view of the mount Everest. The view of Mount Everest from Renjo La top near Gokyo Lake is probably the best view including Gokyo Lake.

Climbing route of Mount Everest

Experiencing the nearest of the sky is a great adventure and have to face different level of challenge. Climbers have to choose a route from different routes to kiss the top of the world. Every route has own kind of onerous and rewards. The four different routes to reach highest point of the world are South Col Route (NEPAL), North Col Route (TIBET), West Ridge Route and Hornbein Coloir Route however last two routes is rarely used by climbers. South Col route and North Col Route provide their own taste of challenges and mountaineers select one of these depend on their own perception, management and voyage plans. Due to easy access and management simplicity, South Col Route is most used route of Mount Everest Top however for escaping the crowd climbers choose the North Col as well.

Section of South Col route

  1. Base Camp (5364m)
  2. Khumbu Ice Fall (5,364 m – 6065 m)
  3. Western CWM(6,065 m – 6,492 m)
  4. Lhotse Face (6,492 m – 7,163 m)
  5. South Col (7,925 m)
  6. Hillary Step (8,790m)
  7. Summit (8848.86M)

Section of Norh Col Route

  1. Base Camp (5,151 m)
  2. North Col (7,010 m)
  3. Camp II (6,492 m)
  4. Camp III (7,163 m)
  5. Camp IV (7,925 m )
  6. Summit (8,848.86 m)


Time line of Mount Everest Expedition

There were several attempts and surveys were done by many mountaineers before Sir Edmund and Tenjing  Norgey Successfully climbed Mount Everest in 1953 AD. Here is the time line of Mount Everest Expedition.

1921 AD: – The Preliminary Survey was done in Mount Everest to investigate the possibilities of North Route with leadership of Colonel Charles Howard-Bury including George Mallory ,Guy Bullock and Edward Oliver Wheeler . Mallory Bullock and Wheeler stepped their feet on the North col at 7,020 m and compelled to get back by strong wind.

1922 AD: – The First strive

General Charles Granville Bruce lead the team including Mountaineering leader Lt-Col,Edward Lisle Strutt and Mallory again in May 22 and reached up to 8,170m  to put the record that first human been  above 8000m  than get back . Next day, George Finch and Bruce touched the rock of 8,320 m and spend a night with oxygen cylinder. Both of them were the first climber sleep with oxygen tank.

1924AD:- A Mysterious lost of Malory and Irvine

Malory and Irvine moved ahead from High Camp (C-6) to achieve the summit by the help of Irvine’s amended oxygen gear. “They able to reached near the base of the final pyramid and couldn’t see after very difficult second steps due to bad weather” wrote on Odell’s Diary. It remains controversial weather they could able to reach the top of the world or they crashed before.

1933AD:-Hugh Ruttledge announced as a leader of summit expedition and expected for success. Unfortunately, the bad weather, illness of members and disappear of expected easy route ‘Northeastern ridge’   lead to pause the expedition.

1934 AD: – The British soldier, eccentric and aviator Maurice Wilson tried to climb Mount Everest via Tibet side without any climbing equipment but with his spiritual and supernatural power. He wished to summit Mount Everest to establish his statement that the suffering could be managed by a combine effort of fasting and faith in god. He reached at 6920 m and collapsed.

1935 AD:-Shipton organized a pity preparation expedition during the monsoon season and climbed some peaks nearest to the Mount Everest and researched probable climbing route for Mount Everest. After several analyses they decided and found the possible routes from the Western CWM though need to get entry permit with Nepal Government. This route probably would be the same route Sir Edmund and Tenzing used to reach top in 1953 AD. The most notable things happened in this year was engagement of Tenzing Norgay as porter for the first time.

1936 AD:-The British mountaineer Ruttledge’s tried second time to  reach the top however early monsoon made unsuccessful  expedition .

1938AD:-The member of 1935 preparation expedition , the prolific British mountaineering explorer Bill Tilman lead the 1938 AD Everest Expedition via North Col and reached over 8.290m with their own lounge . The bad weather and health issue made fail again.

1947AD:- Earl Denman;a Canadian engineer , Tenzin Norgay and Ang Dawa Sherpa tried  without legal document via Tibet. They returned safely from 6,700 m because of strong storm.

1950AD:- Once Nepal allow to foreigner to come in, Bill Tilman and his team started informative approach to Everest through Nepal.

1951 AD: – Shipton and his team including Edmund Hilary, Tom Bourdillon,W.H, Murray and Mike ward visited Nepal and climbed Mt. Pumari to find the best possible route through south col. The result is positive and decided that it is possible from the top of the Cwm to the west of Lhotse that connect  to the South Col. After a month they tried to reach western Cwm however again they defeated. In same year the mountaineer from Denmark tried from North col with two Sherpas which remained unsuccessful.

1952AD:-The Swiss mountaineer Edouard Wyss-Dunant lead the expedition via South Col and the southeast ridge. Passing through the unreliable rope bridge in Khumbu ice fall and four climbers; Raymond Lambert,Tenzing Norgay ,Rene Aubert and Leon Flory )able to touch the ground of Western Cwm on May 27 for the first time.  Next day they pushed back due to bad weather condition. Swiss expedition team including Tenzing Norgay and some Russian expedition team attempted to climb Mount Everest via South Col and North col respectively. Again result is same; unsuccessful.

1953AD: Great Achievement for the Human.

After 8 unsuccessful attempt of British expedition team, they again came with well prepared and experience team under control of John Hunt. Mr. Jhon Hunt spilt the group into three where each team had two members. The first pair Charles Evans and Tom Bourdillon able to reach at altitude 8,750 m in south summit but they could not able to go forward due to lack of oxygen. After two days, Second pair Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay finally kissed the nearest point to the sky, top of the world at 11:30AM with the help of open-circuit oxygen sets. There was huge controversy about the first person to reach at top in between second pairs (Edmund Hillary and Tenjing Norgay) however in 1955; Tenzing Norgay declared that Edmund was the first person to put the world’s highest mountain.

Rumored Expedition

It was spreading news around the world that the Pavel Datschnolian from Soviet Union tried to climb Mount Everest in 1952 to beat the British expedition team. Assumed that they able to reach near 8,200m however all team members died. Russian and Chinese government rejected news.

Flora and Fauna in Everest Region

Mount Everest lies within Sagarmatha National Park that spread in 1148KM Square and elevation varies from 2845m to 8848.86m. Huge variation of altitude, climate and eco system; Everest region became rich in Flora and Fauna. Approximately 1000 plant species were came in to record in the National Park including Fir, Himalayan Birch, Rhododendron, Juniper and Hemlock tree.  Lichens and Mosses decorate the rock above 5000 m in Mount Everest region.

Impeyan Pheasant, Bearded Vulture, Snowcock and alpine chough is the major bird species out of 208 species in Everest region. Not only bird also different kind of mammal including Himalayan Thar, Himalayan Serow and musk deer live inside the territory. Altitude above 3,500 m is home of snow leopard where as Indian leopard inhabits in lower forest.

People and culture of Everest Region

Everest region is not only paradise for natural and adventure lover; it is also equally important for culture and people lover. Sherpa, originally arrived from eastern part of Tibet in 15/16 CAD are the indigenous people of this region. Sherpa community holds native lifestyle including food system, profession, dresses and tradition which added the beauty of Everest region. Happy faces, genetically strong and brave people are known as the tiger of the Mountain. Tenzin Norgay;  a Sherpa who climbed Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary from same region. Majority of the people from this section follow the Himalayan Buddhism and dozens of monastery can be encounter in route to Base Camp as well.

Effect of Climate change

Everest and glacier is dyeing day by day. If you want to see the real impact of global warming on earth; go and visit Himalaya. Our guide found many changes within few years. Changes of trekking trail with few weeks on the glacier top shows that how rapidly melting ice in Himalaya. Glacier is creating numerous pond is also shows the impact of Global warming. In fear of glacier fall; climber feel more risky than before where lower belt have fear of flash flood. The impact of increasing temperatures on climbers and their climbing schedules is a significantly concern able. Even not only Himalaya; people from low land and indo gigantic plain are facing several effects of Global warming.

If you want to see snow on top of the big rock and save the earth ; need to wake up and work out to decrease the factor of global warming .

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