It is not necessary to be an athlete or a fitness freak to go for trekkings. But it surely is important to be fit enough and train yourself to be able to complete your journey without any complications or obstacles. Trekking is all about enjoying your experience to the exotic places of the world and moving slowly at your own pace. If you are mentally prepared and have a genuine interest, you are good to go for trekkings.

Your exercise program should focus on those four key areas:

Cardio trainingĀ 

Cardio training builds stamina and prepares you for long days upon the trekking trail. You will be able to walk on the trials at a faster pace. It is suggested to do 30 sets of absolutely maximum effort followed by a short rest and recovery period. The workout must be intense.

Building stamina

It is necessary to build good stamina before trekking. You can take Zumba, aerobics and spinning classes but the best way is to run, cycle, or cross-train at least 30 minutes three times a week. Work your way up at a fast and energetic pace.

Leg strength

In order to build leg strength, walk for 5-7 hours a day. Free squats with at least 15 repetitions for 3 sets and plenty of sit-ups, push-ups are recommended. Maintain the regularity of working out.


You have to be flexible enough to pass through the trials easily and avoid the trekking injuries that are mostly caused due to inflexibility. Stretching exercise encourages flexibility of joints and muscles. Thus it is recommended to do stretching properly before and after your workout as well as before and after hiking on the actual track.