Lodges enroute to Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Contact details of Hotel in ABC route

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the famous trekking routes inside Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal located in mid-west Section in Nepal. The Annapurna Conservation area is the oldest and biggest protected area of Nepal that covers 7629 KM square area. This trekking start from Nayapul and end at Nayapul itself. The diverse landscape, terrace field, cultural variation and natural resources makes this trekking route valuable and worthy to visit. Annapurna base cam trekking starts from the altitude of 1070 m and goes up to 4130 m from sea level.

During Annapurna Base Camp trek, you may encounter snow leopard, red panda and many wilder animals whereas this route also hold different kind of ethnic group of people living happily and peacefully.

Out of all those house hold; some of them are active in hotel business. Most of the hotel are based on Tea House and provide basic facilities however Jhinu and Chhomroong village have hotel with attach bath room. Most of the hotel have hot shower, excellent Wifi and electric Facilities however in Annapurna Base Camp they have only solar energy. So, make sure your all-electronic device is fully charged.

Here is the name and contact details of tea houses available in Annapurna Base Camp Trek route.

Mobile Network

Mobile network is available Jhinu Danda ,Chhomrung Village ,Sinuwa Village and Deurali with power pack network however bamboo and around it get drizzling network.

Electricity Services in lodge of Annapurna Base Camp

Hydro electricity is available up to  Machhapuchre Base Camp even though you may charged for charging your electronic device. Only solar energy is in service at Annapurna Base camp so make sure your all electronic device is fully charged in Machhapuchre Base Camp

Name of Hotel  and Contact Number in ABC route

Including lunch place approximately 77 Hotel in Annapurna base camp route

Hotel Details of Jhinu Danda(Hot Spring Available )

  1. Namaste Guest House and Restaurant  985606888,9846267024
  2. Tibet Guest House and Restaurant         9846306024,9848257645
  3. Hotel Evergreen and Restaurant             9856031459,9846148858
  4. Jhinu Guest House and Restaurant        9866009975,9846999946
  5. Gurung Cottage and Restaurant              9825144411,9867358032
  6. Hotel Park Himalaya                                  9846013727,9846051951
  7. Green view Restaurant (Upper Jhinu)  9864656988,9863512910
  8. Machhapuchhre View Point Home stay and Restaurant (Upper Jhinu)  9748401869,9846857498\

Hotel Detials of Chhumrong

  1. Heaven View Guest and Restaurant           9741786419,9846449051
  2. Panorama Point Lodge and Restaurant     9846978430,9851048487
  3. Fishtail Guest Houseand Restaurant          9864372469,9745457684
  4. Himalaya View Guest House and Restaurant 9856018601
  5. Excellent View Top Lodge and Restaurant 9856048777,9856017888
  6. International Guest House and Restaurant 9846107026,9846728166
  7. Kalpana Guest House and Restaurant          9846086194,9856038149
  8. Mountain View Lodge and Restaurant         9861503261,9869213842
  9. Lucky Guest House and Restaurant              9840152548,9846054685
  10. Monalisa Guest House and Restaurant        9860232784,9856050815
  11. Chhomrong Cottage and Restaurant             9846756209,9864379428
  12. Elysium Guest House and Restaurant          9866544324,9846280528
  13. New Chhomrong Guest House and Restaurant 9856066344,9856036343
  14. Hotel Alpine and Restaurant                          9846512738,9748401871
  15. Real Chhomrong Guset House and Restaurant 9863376854,9864426864
  16. Milinium Lodge and Restaurant                     9846623995,9844914725
  17. Smriti German Bakery and Coffe Shop          9863490052
  18. Garden Villa Lodge and Restaurant                9863427465,9840778917
  19. New Destination Hotel and Restaurant         9856044245,984649598

Hotel Details of Kimrong Khola

  1. Kimrong Guest House and Restaurant 984227323,9766015427
  2. Alisa Restaurant                                        9863373501
  3. Kimrong View and Restaurant               9846572945
  4. New Peaceful Hotel and Restaurant      9846606363

Hotel Details of Lower Sinuwa

  1. Brother Guest House and Restaurant                9765687262
  2. Super View Guest House and Restaurant         9742928313,9848568356
  3. Organic Good & Beverage Restaurant               9846106075
  4. Kalpana Guest House and Restaurant              9846086194,9856038149
  5. Nepali Restaurant                                                  9869093937,9840661701
  6. Hotel Himal and Restaurant                               9867060232,9864371767
  7. Real Sinuwa Cottage Lodge and Restaurant    9846004266,9860409015
  8. Preeti Guest House and Restaurant                   9846342258,9866099316
  9. Muna Guest House and Restaurant                   9819134937,9865093172
  10. Sherpa Guest House and Restaurant                 9864374467,9846740944

Hotel Details of Upper Sinuwa

  1. Holl Top Lodge and Restaurant          9847023138,9860198011
  2. Sinuwa Lodge and Restaurant             9748211423,9856017499
  3. Sinuwa Guest House and Restaurant 9846262409,9766028007
  4. Silent Peak Restaurant                          9846623995,9846719276

Hotel Details of Bamboo

  1. Budhha Guest House and Restaurant     9766015194,9846257607
  2. Bamboo Guest House and Restaurant    9846318952,9846290080
  3. Bamboo Lodge and Restaurant                9867060232,9762864742
  4. Eco Friendly Lodge and Restaurant       9846855161,9863427465

Restaurant of Dugiyo

  1. Sunshinne Restaurant       9846258890

Durbin Danda

  1. Hill Top Restaurant 9846303436

Hotel Details of Ghurjung

  1. Ghurjung Lodge and Restaurant          9864384209,9844125555
  2. Greenland Lodge and Restaurant         9866345809,9847627312
  3. Greenhill Lodge and Restaurant           9864372433
  4. Namo Buddha Lodge and Restaurant 9846729046,9846412909

Hotel Details of Dovan

  1. Dovan Guest House and Restaurant                  9840778715,9846523411
  2. Annapurna Approach Lodge and Restaurant   9745253198,9816155501
  3. Tip Top Lodge and Restaurant                            9846027793,9861298703
  4. Destination ABC Lodge and Restaurant           9856044245,9748428381
  5. Green Land Lodge and Restaurant                    9749433227


Hotel Details of Himalaya

  1. Himalaya Guest House and Restaurant    9766027283,9856077000
  2. Hotel Himalaya and Restaurant                 9856083392,9844901740
  3. Hotel Royal Gamily and Restaurant          9861355596,9846263819

Hotel Details of Deurali

  1. New Panorama Guest House and Restaurant     9846257775,9851196854
  2. Dream Lodge and Restaurant                                 9863500215,9846287693
  3. Shangrila Guest House and Restaurant                9862385328,9840679043
  4. Hotel View Point Deurali and Restaurant             9746304090,9846359832
  5. Deurali Guest House and Restaurant                    9846280870,9866050425


Hotel Details of Machhapuchre Base Camp

  1. Fishtail Guest House and Restaurant                 9856069055,9856035086
  2. Shankaar Guest House and Restaurant              9745457948,9866343291
  3. Gurung CO-Operative Guest House and Restaurant 9749359056,9745289937
  4. Machhapuchhre Guest House and Restaurant            9846257774,9762868430
  5. Gangapurna View Lodge and Restaurant                     9846214351,9745449332


Hotel Details of Annapurna Base Camp

  1. Annapurna Guest House and Restaurant         9846063557,9844920552
  2. Annapurna Sanctury and Restaurant                 9846397742,9846923397
  3. Snowland Lodge and Restaurant                         9806729709,9817127508
  4. Hotel Paradise Garden and Restaurant              9846605439,9869141256
  5. Sunrise Guest House and Restaurant                  9869093628,9866099316
  6. Hotel Peacelful and Restaurant                            9864381912,9840604468

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Lodges enroute to Annapurna Base Camp Trek
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