Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderate trek. This off-the-beaten-path trek lets you view mountain ranges of over 6000 m altitude, including Annapurna Massif. It lies in the western central part of Nepal.

This circuit trek is famous because of the eighth-highest mountain, Mount Manaslu, with an altitude of 8163 m. It takes you through the Budi Gandaki and Nubri valleys. This trek starts from Arughat Bazar and ends in Besishar.

The most famous destination of this trek is Larkya La Pass. It is the highest point of this trek, with an altitude of 5106 m.

Among the factors affecting difficulties, weather is the main factor. Let’s check out different factors in detail.


Weather is the main factor that raises the difficulty of this trek. Weather depends on the seasons. There are four seasons throughout the year. Among these four seasons, if you choose the right season, your difficulty decreases a lot.

Spring and Autumn are the best seasons for trekking. Spring includes the months of March, April, and May. Autumn includes the months of September, October, and November. The weather is very comfortable during these seasons.

The trails are in the best condition. There is no risk of rainfall and snowfall. The temperature is very warm and cozy. October is the best of all months.

However, Summer is very dangerous due to heavy rainfall. There is a high chance of natural calamities like landslides. The trails are muddy and slippery, full of leeches.

Furthermore, winter is also the worst season for trekking. It is extremely cold during winter, especially at night. The temperature drops below the freezing point, which is unbearable. Many passes are blocked due to the heavy snowfall.

Therefore, choose a season wisely. This will reduce maximum difficulty.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness is another factor adding difficulty during trekking. You suffer from this after you cross an altitude of 2500 m. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a high-altitude trek. So, there is a high chance of altitude sickness.

You have to be aware of its symptoms and treat it in time. The symptoms include dizziness, headache, breathing difficulty, and nausea.
If you notice these symptoms, descend to a lower altitude immediately.

Acclimatization is mandatory. It helps to prevent this sickness. You have to acclimatize after every 1000 m climb. Your body needs enough time to adapt to high-altitude surroundings. So, property acclimatization can reduce the risk of suffering from altitude sickness.

Also, walk slowly at your own pace. Don’t over-exert yourself. Take a break and rest properly. Drink the proper amount of water frequently to stay hydrated. Alcohol consumption must be avoided.

Trek Distance

The total distance of this trek is 180 km. It is very challenging and tiring. You have to cover at least 14 km every day. In addition, the trails are full of rough terrains. The ascending and descending trails exhaust you badly.

You must prepare well to attempt this trek. Daily exercise and hiking to nearby places regularly help. You need to stay fit mentally as well. Be aware and get knowledge before trekking.


The total duration required to complete this trek is 12 days. It is quite tough and challenging to walk for such long days. You have to walk 5 to 6 hours daily. Many tough trials need extra attention.

The toughest route is Larkya La Pass. After walking for so many days, you have to cross this route in the final trial. It takes lots of endurance to be strong enough to walk till the end of the trek.

Meals and Accommodation

There are tea houses along the trail. But it is not well facilitated. Due to a transportation problem, you must compromise your daily necessities. You have to survive only on DalBhat. There are no other varieties of food in such high altitudes.

The bedding in tea houses may not be warm enough. So, carry extra sleeping bags to keep yourself warm during nighttime.


Consider all these factors to remove difficulties in your trek. Choose the right time, prepare backpacks wisely, and hire a professional guide and porter for a smooth trek. All the best!


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