Mera Peak Climbing

Trip Overview

Mera Peak Climbing is a moderate (6,461m) adventurous trekking activity. It shared both the Everest Region and Makalu Region. It is one of the most exciting and scenically fabulous peaks which makes it popular among trekkers and adventure climber. Mera Peak climbing is very much in demand than other peak climbing in Khumbu Region. Being so popular is because of its quite an easiness and offering the best scenery and experience.

Mera Peak Climbing Route

The Mera Peak Climbing route starts with a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Continuing the trek will take you through the typical Sherpa village in Mountain Region. Trekking in and around the Sherpa village surrounded by the beautiful snow-capped mountain is the best feeling you ever get. The trip to Mera peak takes you through the bamboo forest and humid pine tree and oak. The trekking in the sub-alpine and alpine region increase your fitness level :D.

Majestic view from the way to Mera peak always make you to take a deep breath. Mera Peak climbing is an exciting stunning, scenically awesome mountain becoming popular among climber and trekker. The jungle, mountain desert, and the mountain forest are just above your expectation. Which offer you the original taste of mountain and the climate in a mountain region. The typical Sherpa village in and around our way is just awesome providing you the local taste of Sherpas.

Our team has customized the climbing training course covering several aspects of climbing techniques and skills like rope fixing, glacier trek, etc. The training course ensures that you have necessary climbing skills and confidence to finish the Mera peak climbing successfully. We have years of experience in organizing such peak climbing and got the expertise to ensure that you have a chance of success to climb Mera peak. Forget all the pain that you will have on a training session, during the trip just think about the destiny, the glory. It is waiting for you.

Mera Peak climbing Nepal Itinerary

The trip can be completed in about 15-25 days through the exact itinerary is not suitable for peak climbing. You have to deal with different weather condition during the Mera Peak climbing but the outline itinerary can be made. The itinerary is just applied for good weather condition. If someone in our group will become sick because of high altitude and cold weather, we have to wait for him/her to be fully recovered. We will bring a medical kit with us to help a climber in extreme condition. A little change in weather, the health status of climber can extend our itinerary.

Mera Peak Climbing price

The pricing plan for peak climbing is always in controversy, some company have higher rate and some have a little lower that’s because their included thing in the cost. But the thing is that pricing is too high if you see others website. We the Mount Face Nepal Team made a price plan, which is not only satisfying but also very much effective too.

Mera Peak Climbing overview

The route we have for Mera climbing is quite easier than other peak climbing activities. This only needs basic mountaineering skills. If you don’t have much climbing training and experience but want to do a peak climbing then this is the best option you have. The trip will enable you to experience the majestic view of the mountain with a tiny pine forest surrounded by the Himalayas. The peak climbing also offers you the outstanding view of the mountain life, community and eco-system.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m/4,264ft)

Arrive in Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. Afterwards, there is a Mount Face Nepal representative waiting for you at the gate who will take you to your hotel. In the evening, we get to try Nepalese cuisine for  welcome dinner hosted by Mount Face Nepal. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Included meals:Dinner

Day 02: Kathmandu: trip preparation

We rest for a lot of the day and unpack. We visit Mount Face Nepal’s office in built. Our climbing leaders will check our set of climbing equipment to make sure that they are formed in good condition for our coming travel around. We also get introduced to fellow participants, and discuss our trip. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Included meals:Breakfast

Day 03: Fly to Lukla, trek to Paiya (Chutok) (2,730m/8,956ft): 30 mins flight, 5-6 hours trek

We catch early morning  flight to Lukla you should our trek to Paiya after landing at the Tenzing-Hillary airport in Lukla. We walk on a jungle trail, cross a bridge in the Handi Khola and reach Surke Hamlet. From here we continue moving south and cross the Chutok La pass before reaching well-liked settlement of Paiyan, also known as Chutok. Overnight in Paiya.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 04: Paiya to Panggom (2,846m/9,337ft): 5-6 hours

We descend for a time and reach a small bridge. Came from here the trail is slippery until we cross the Kari La pass. We walk through rhododendron and bamboo forests on a narrow mountain trail. On today’s trip we get to be in awe for the Dudhkoshi Pit. We continue our trek to Panggom Village whose settlers are influenced by farming and trading. Overnight in Panggom.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 05: Panggom to Ningsow (2,863m/9,393ft): 4-5 hours

We begin our trek after eating breakfast. After trekking out of Panggom, we cross the Panggom La complete. Then we ascend, walk on the steady path and turn north. We cross Peseng Kharka Khola first then after walking for sometime, reach Peeng Kharka Danda. We cross Ningsow Khola (stream) before reaching the Ningsow Commune. Overnight in Ningsow.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 06: Ningsow to Chhatra Khola (2,800m/9,186ft): 7-8 hours

From Ningsow, we climb first then descend as news got around and climb some more to reach Ramailo Danda. From take a look at get extraordinary views of Mera Peak and Salpa. After ascending and descending on our trail, we enter the Makalu Barun National Woodland. Our trail from here to Chhatra Khola is called Pasang Lhamu trail. On their own way, when we're lucky, we might even track down the elusive Red Panda. Overnight in Chhatra Khola.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 07: Chhatra Khola to Kothe (3,691m/12,109ft): 6-7 hours

We walk towards the north on the main trail to Mera Peak Climbing Tip. After walking on a trail next to the the Majang Khola, we merge with another trail which moves alongside the Hinku Khola. Our trail moves straight ahead towards Tashing Ongma which has seasonal tea shops. We continue our trek and cross the bridge this Sanu Khola before reaching Kothe. Overnight in Kothe.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 08:  Kothe to Thaknak (4,358m/14,297ft): 3-4 hours

We trek along the ridge of the Hinku Khola in the shadow of Mera Peak. We take lunch at Gondishung, the summer herders' settlement in free airline bank for this Hinku Drangka. Beyond Gondishung, we pass a 200-year-old Lungsumgba Gompa where we can find Mera Peak scripted in rock along with its route attain Mera. A much smaller walk takes us to Thaknak, and that is a summer grazing area with primitive lodges and shops. Overnight in Thaknak.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 09: Thaknak to Khare (5,045m/16,486ft): 2-3 hours

Leaving Thaknak, we stick to the lateral moraine of Dig Glacier to Dig Kharka, which offers spectacular views of Charpate Himal. The trail climbs through moraines to the snout belonging to the Hinku Nup and Shar glaciers, and then climbs more steeply to Khare. From here, day-to-day activities see the northern face of Mera Peak climbing that are an amazing experience. After lunch may hike close to Khare. Overnight at Khare.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 10: Khare: Acclimatization and pre-climb training

We have a separate day set aside solely for acclimatization and basic training just to ourselves better for the Mera Peak climb. Our climbing leader will allow us polish our basic climbing techniques and demonstrate best ways to employ an our climbing gears which include the ice axe, harness, ascender climbing boots and crampons. The training will incorporate learning greatest climbing technique with the rope. Overnight in Khare.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 11: Khare to Mera High Camp (5,780m/18,958ft): 6-7 hours

We walk-through a boulder-strewn course on a steep trail to get the Mera Peak Base Cp. From here, we continue further through the Mera La pass to achieve the Mera High Summer camp. Our path is along a rocky trail, and these can be hazardous the hho booster has recently snowed, as there are a number of crevasses here. We make our way to the top rock band, which is marked the large cairn. Then we set up a high camp while enjoying excellent views of Mt. Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, the south face of Lhotse, Nuptse, Chamlang and Baruntse. Overnight at Mera High Camp.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 12: Mera High Camp to Summit (6,461m/21,1907ft) and for you to Khare (5045m/16,547ft): 8-9 hours

This is a really important day for the expedition. We wake up around 2 in the morning for breakfast. It’s going to be abnormally cold in the beginning but soon we warm up as we continue down the glacier and onto a peculiar form. The first rays of the sun hit the big peaks a great amazing red glow. The road is still non-technical as we slowly climb higher in the ever-thinning ep. The slope steepens for a section behind the ridge as well as the summit pops up into enjoy. At the foot of the final steep summit cone, we will use a set rope in the event the climbing leader believes it’s required. The summit is only a few meters away. Off the summit, we take in spectacular views of the mighty Himalayas including Mt. Everest (8,848m), Cho-Oyu (8,210m), Lhotse (8,516m), Makalu (8,463m), Kangchenjunga (8,586m), Nuptse (7,855m), Chamlang (7,319m), Baruntse (7 ,129m) while. Later, we retrace our steps back to your high camp where we rest for a bit before descending to Khare. Overnight in Khare.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 13: Reserve Day for Contingency

There is no guarantee i always will have favorable weather on our planned day for the summit. Therefore, this day is budget for as a contingency able to we are not able to summit the Mera on the desired day due to bad climate or any other unanticipated issue. However, if the trip goes smoothly, this day will not be required.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 14: Khare to Kothe (3600m/11808ft): 4-5 hours

We trek from Khare to Kothe along comparable trail used previously. After reaching Kothe, we celebrate our success by checking out local delicacies and red wine. Overnight in Kothe.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 15: Kothe to Thuli Kharka (4,300 m/14,107ft): 5-6 hours

We begin our trek to Thuli Kharka after breakfast. We climb up and descend, cross several tributaries of your Inkhu Khola before reaching a forked trail nearby Taktho. We choose the trail on our right and continue walking. Our trail passes by a Chorten immediately after we walk downhill on a steep path. Next, we ascend to Thuli Kharka and overlook another Chorten on approach. Overnight in Thuli Kharka.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 16: Thuli Kharla to Lukla via Zatrwa La pass: 6-7 hours

We cross the Zatrwa-La pass at 4,600. Immediately right after we cross the pass, we are welcomed with sight from the beautiful Lukla Valley which is surrounded by Cho Oyu, Kongde Peak, Numbur Himal, Kusum Khangru and other Himalayan mountains. From Zatrwa La pass we walk all approach down to Chutang and then straight to the Lukla village. At night we enjoy dinner ultimately Himalayas of Nepal with our crew. Overnight in Lukla.

Included meals:Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 17: Fly to Kathmandu

We catch an day flight to Kathmandu. After reaching Kathmandu, we consider a rest or a little bit of souvenir surfing. If we want to explore various other areas of Kathmandu, natural meats do that today. Our guides  with both souvenir shopping or sightseeing and tour. There will be a farewell dinner in the evening to celebrate the climbers’ successful Mera Peak Climbing. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Included meals:Breakfast Dinner

Day 18: Final departure

Your adventure in Nepal comes with regard to an end today! There is nothing to do but trade emails with your travel companions and plan photos. A representative from Mount Face Nepal will take you towards airport, approximately 3 hours before your scheduled flight. On your way home you'll have sufficient time to organize your next adventure previously wonderful country of Nepal.

Included meals:Breakfast

Important Note

Your safety is of paramount concern on a trip with Mount Face Nepal. Please note that your leader has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the itinerary if it is deemed necessary due to safety queries. Every effort will be made pests must be to previously mentioned itinerary; however, since this adventure entails travelling in remote mountainous regions, safeguarding guarantee men and women will not deviate as a result !. Weather conditions, health condition  group member, unexpected natural disasters, for example, can all contribute to changes involving itinerary. The leader will attempt ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but please be prepared to be flexible if required

Over years’ experience of organizing adventure travel trips to clients from all over the globe. Since our establishment, we’ve been making Your Himalayan dreams a reality. Our love for the mountain, its culture trekking in Nepal, tours in Nepal, Peak climbing, rafting, Cycling Jungle safari and the desire to share it with the world led to the establishment of our company 

    1.We have the best guides, porters and crew members

 We employee some of the best guides in the industry with a wealth of outdoor and hiking experience. With our guides you do not just visit a place, you experience it, and they have the best knowledge of the trails, the local culture and most importantly enjoy sharing the experience with you. Follow our guides away from the beaten paths and you’ll discover a world not found on any guidebook. All our guides, porters and crew members are professionally trained, insured, paid above industry wage standards.

     2.Our Commitment to responsible travel and sustainability

 It was a commitment formed when the company was established  and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment remains stronger than ever. Our objectives have always remained to develop unique, authentic and reliable tourism packages and activities, then link them to community livelihoods and the conservation of culture and nature. This not only provides with a sustainable source nbsp;of income but also serves as an incentive to conserve this unique ecological and cultural heritage.

 Our consistent focus is to lessen our impact and reduce, reuse, and recycle--to leave the areas we visit in better condition than when we found them we know that our adventures will only be possible if we preserve the places we love.

    3.Giving Back

 Giving back is at the heart of our company. We have constructed school buildings, supported educational scholarships, provided safe drinking water, constructed sanitary toilets and addressed other health issues. We continue to carry out our projects under the School-Children Foundation.

     4.We make your Himalayan dreams come true

 So whether you dream of scaling one of the mountain peaks, or hiking along some of the best trails in the Himalayas, rafting down rapids of snow fed rivers, practicing yoga in some of the best mountain locations or just visiting some of the World Heritage Sites around Nepal, we make it all come true.

 Mount Face Nepal Leading adventure trekking in Nepal and tours in Nepal in the Himalayas

since our establishment. Enjoy fully guided adventure in Nepal.


 We are team of specialist and we use local specialist to plan your trip.

MFN, suggest you all to check up your health condition before start trekking because your health is more important than anything else.We also suggest you to keep your luggage as light as possible because we normally provide 1 helper for two trekkers to carry your bags and should have weight limitation of approximately 20-25 kg from two.

 Here is a suggested list. Keep in mind, you can always add or subtract items depending on your personal needs. As time goes on and you increase your trips into the wilderness, you may discover you’re carrying too much or not enough.

 Top tips for safe trekking in Nepal

  It is safer to trek in a group and with an experienced guide and reputable agency.

 Get fit. Choose a trek that suits your ability.

 Build in time for acclimatization. Stay hydrated and looks out for symptoms of altitude sickness.

  Take note of weather conditions and forecasts, and come prepared. See

  Never leave any litter behind.

 What to pack?

  .Layers of clothing, numerous pairs of socks, good-quality trekking boots.

  .Hand warmers, under-gloves and mittens.

 .Trekking poles.

  .Gaithers (against leeches and/or deep snow).

 .40-litre daypack (with rain cover).

 .Sleeping mat.


. Head torch and spare batteries.

 .Sunglasses with UV protection, sun cream and hat.

 .Lip salve and blister care.                          

 .Wet wipes and tissues.

 . Pocket knife/multi-bladed tool.

 . Watch with altimeter/GPS.

 . Emergency blanket.

 . Snacks (nuts, energy bars).

 . Freezer bags.                  

 . Binoculars.

 Be sure to inspect your kit before every trip and make sure the gear is clean and supplies are in good condition. Replace expired medications as needed and add items that would have been helpful on your previous trip. Be sure the kit is easily accessible and not buried deep in your bag. Also be sure to tell others you are traveling with where your first aid kit is.

     MFN wishes you all the best!!!

  • Pickup and drop at Airport
  • Hotel stay in Kathmandu as per itinerary
  • Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during trekking climbing period 
  • Best available accommodations during the trek
  • A government license holder guide
  • A professional climbing guide (Sherpa)
  • Mera peak specific prmit for climbing
  • Group climbing equipment 
  • Porter to carry your baggage
  • Food, drinks, accommodation, insurance, salary, types of equipment, transportation and local tax for guides and porters
  • Ground Transportation Charge as per itinerary 
  • TIMS card(Trekker’s information Management System)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Required Entry fees
  • Trekking Permits needed for Restricted Area Trekking
  • All government taxes and service charges
  • Farewell dinner prior to departure
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Travel insurance
  • Nepal Entry Visa Fee
  • International Airfare and Airport Departure Tax
  • Tips for trekking staffs
  • Drinks (hot/soft/cold) and liquors
  • Personal shopping and laundry, Personal trekking equipments, Gifts and souvenirs
  •  All items not listed in Cost included section

Notes: Costs are prone to change in itinerary. So costs will be recalculated if the trekking days get modified

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