Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir
Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir

Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir is the first temple in the world that dedicated to five Laxmi goddess located in Chhaling,Shree Wan Bhaktapur. It was established approximately 14 years ago by Akhanda Jyoti Baba and construction is still going on. Since erected the main deity, it became so famous in Hindu community and in social media. Shree Pancha laxmi Madir is a beautiful and religious spot set up in northern corner of Kathmandu Valley attached with Devnadi (Nagarkot Kholchhi) Dev Nadi (Nagarkot-Kholchi ) is a secret river flowing in the lap of the Panch Laxmi Temple. Thousands of international pilgrimages and local people are visiting this temple for different purpose like wedding ceremony, thread wearing ceremony, weaning ceremony and regular worshiping. Beside the religious aspect, local tourist go for fun and weekly retreat.Every year approximately 50,000 devotee visit in Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir.

Story Behind the construction of Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir 

Acharya Nilayam -Abhidan
Acharya Nialayam-Abhidan

According to  Achharya Basudev Kaundinya , Shree Akhanda Jyoti Baba Swami saw and visited many beautiful laxmi temple around Nepal and India and he was looking for right time to established laxmi temple in auspicious place near by the Pasupatinath temple. Akhanda Baba swami ji announced and committed to make a Pancha Laxmi temple during the final day of Pasupatinath Maha Yagya  in 2057 B.S. On the same day, one of great Laxmi devotee (Balram Katwal and Dayalaxmi Katwal)from shreewan Bhaktapur announced that they will provide 4 ropani land to make Shree Pancha Laxmi Temple. After a decade Shree Pancha Laxmi Temple had erected on the same spot where two couple donated the land near to Devnadi.

How this Temple run economically ?

First of all, Thanks those who donated the 4 Ropani land to construct the Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir. In the initial phase of building, most of the money was used from donation that collected with devotees around the Nepal. Many temples around built already some still going on. In this time, local government also supporting to make complete Shree Pancha Laxmi Temple in addition donation of devotees will take vital role to build and maintain. Akhanda Jyoti Baba Swami Shreeji charitable trust manage the entire work. Akhanda Jyoti Baba was born in Baglung district of Nepal and did meditation in Muktinath and Damadar Kunda.

Which deity figure is installed inside the main temple?

Center of main temple has statue of Five Laxmi and Muktinath Baba that is not touchable for visitors. Only priest can touch the deity figure like Pasupatinath Temple. Visitor can get bless from near to the Garbagriha. There is big hall in front of deity figure that make devotees more comfortable.

What is the proceed of worshiping in Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir?

Nepali priest is the main priest of the Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir and daily PUJA will follow according to Pancha ratra Agam Paddati. In the lap of the Shree Pancha Laxmi mandir, people love to do different religious ceremony like as wedding, Thread wearing, weaning and many more. Shree Pancha Laxmi temple has different puja for different reason that hold some cost which is mentioned here below.

Sewaka Prakalpaharu

  1. Shree Pancha Mahalaaxmi Puja(Tulasi Archana() -Nrs.255
  2. Shree Pancha Mahalaxmi Bises puja (Tulasi Archana) :-Npr.555
  3. Akhandadip Prajwalan mul Sannidhima Ek Din (24 Ghanta) :-Nrs.1155
  4. Akhandadip Prajwalan tin sannidhima ek din (24 Ghanta) :- Nrs.2555
  5. Baalbhog sewa (ek samaya):-Nrs.2555
  6. Raj bhog (Batuk brahaman bhojan sewa -ek samaya):- Nrs.5555
  7. Bises Raj bhog sewa (ek samaya ):-Nrs.21555
  8. Go Sewa (ek Din) :- Nrs.5555
  9. Shuba Janma din ma Asta Chiranjiwi puja aradhana sewa :-Nrs.5555
  10. Graha Shanti Hetu :- Nrs.5500
  11. Arati Sewa (ek samaya ):-Nrs.555
  12. Masik tirunachhetrotsawama bhagawan ko mahaabhisek sewa :-Nrs.11555
  13. Bijaya Prapti hetu masik sewa :- Nrs.15555
  14. Manakamana Prapti hetu Masik sewa :-Nrs.21555
  15. Bidhya Prapti hetu ,Megha Shakti Abhibriddi hetu masik sewa :-Nrs.15555

Is there any entrance fee in the temple?

You don’t need to pay any fee if you are going to visit Shree Pancha Laxmi Temple area only. For visiting Bidhyadwar cave and Sis mahal, Npr 100 per person is entrance fee.

What is main attraction of the Shree Pancha Laxmi Mandir?

  • Shree Pancha Laxmi Temple
  • Dev Nadi(Nagarkot Kholchhi )
  • Shree Muktinath Pith Bed Bidhyashrma – This was used to conduct Gurukul but after an earthquake 2015 all students moved to another Pith Located at Tribeni Nawalparasi
  • Hawan Kunda
  • Sis Mahal – The house of the glass is another interesting attraction in this Shree Pancha Laxmi Temple. Annual anniversary of the temple, the main deity takes to Sis Mahal for celebrating the birthday of Goddess Laxmi.
  • Gaushala that established 2057 B.S. where they conduct huge puja during the Tihar Festival. They make huge gowardhan Parbat and do puja.
  • Nepal Amako mandir – Other side of the Devnadi and Shree pancha laxmi temple, Temple of Nepal Ama is located that hold big new map of Nepal with all 77 district .
  • Axharya Nilayam-Abhidan
  • Swayam Prakat Shaligram Bhagawan Temple : This deity was found during construction of Shree Pancha Laxmi Temple.
  • Bidhyadwar Cave also know as hayagriba cave

How can we go Pancha Mahalaxmi Temple?

  • By Car
  • By Cycle
  • By Motorcycle
  • By Foot

Important notice

  • Videos are not allowed inside the temple
  • Foreigners are allowed
  • No Shoes inside the temple
  • Not allowed open top cloth -Better with full covered dress
  • Highly requested for not entering the temple while you are in period
  • No Smoking around
  • Can organized ritual ceremony (wedding, feeding, Thread wearing ceremony and etc.)
  • Tiger Mouth Cave and Glass house has ticket Npr.100.
  • Main deity figure is not touchable for visitors like in Pasupatinath Temple


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