Travel insurance is an insurance product that functions as a protector on each of your trips. The insurance company bears the possible risks that can occur during the trip, such as delayed flights, flight cancellations, lost luggage, or accidents during the trip and others. Travel insurance directly provides comfort and tranquility for you to travel to your destination.

A travel insurance policy protects you from variety of unexpected circumstances while you’re travelling, trekking or climbing. It can drastically decrease your costs and risks in case you have to cancel your trip and are looking for coverage to reimburse you for the costs of hotels, flights and other pre-paid and non-refundable trip expenses or if you need medical expense coverage to protect you from extensive costs of overseas treatment and hospitalization.

It provides cover you may need for your financial losses whether they occur before, during or even after your trip. Travel insurance should be a priority in all travel arrangements, whether you travel regularly, occasionally or you are setting off on an once-in-a-lifetime trip. Travelling solo or with a group of family or friends, you can travel worry-free with travel insurance. In the last few years, travel insurance has become one of the most popular insurance products available, as it is extremely cost effective. It is practically inseparable on international trips, and for travellers of all ages and occupations. It is a great safety net to give peace of mind while travelling.

Specially for climbers, travel insurance is just as important to pack as any other piece of climbing gear on a big trip. Climbing isn’t as dangerous as everyone thinks, but there’s always room for human error. A climbing-related accident or injury might not be your fault but it does affect you and put you in problem. Mountaineering and trekking insurance covers you whatever your current level of expertise. This covers you for accidents and illnesses during your trekking or mountaineering adventure, as well as any equipment or kits you may have. After all, sports gear is quite expensive to replace in the event that there is damage or loss.

Travel Insurance covers all your mountaineering injuries. It covers your medical and emergency evacuation in case rescue is needed. It also provides Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits in case of death. Travel insurance offers you respiration coverage in case of death.

The right travel insurance policy gives you peace of mind no matter where you travel. You’ll know where to turn if something goes wrong, with 24/7 emergency assistance from your trip insurance provider.

It can be hard to know where to begin when searching for a travel insurance policy. An ideal policy offers sufficient coverage at a reasonable price. The things you need to consider before selecting a travel insurance policy is the extent of coverage, payout time and requirements, amount of premium, available upgrades, alcohol and drugs, and what the policy does not cover. Many policies will be null and void if something happens while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Choose the policy that covers all the areas for mountaineering and trekking so that you are fully covered. Many insurance policies cover only medical expenses but not helicopter rescue in case of emergency at the higher altitude. Choosing a travel insurance policy with the least exclusions is always beneficial. Therefore, pay attention while reading an insurance policy and see if it provides helicopter rescue in case of emergency or not. If it does, the insurance has you fully covered.

Always keep in mind that credit card travel insurance may not provide medical or evacuation coverage and you may have to pay for a higher level credit card in order to get insurance benefits. Create paper copies and digital versions of your documentations immediately after you purchase travel insurance. It’s wise to save versions of all your travel documents in a safe place online for both itineraries to coverage policies. This makes it easier and possible to access and forward them while away.

It is the primary thing to know about travel insurance and its extent of coverage. Therefore, read the fine print because you wouldn’t want anything to come as a surprise in the unlikely event when you have to use your travel insurance. For example, in case you get affected by a hurricane and the travel policy doesn’t apply if you buy the insurance, your mishap will be covered by the insurance after the storm, that’s a bit of inconvenience.

Therefore, considering all the details mentioned above, it is made sure that travel insurance is a must when you set off on a journey. So, choose your insurance company and policy wisely after you book a trip. This way, you can travel with zero worries.