Chandragiri Day Tour : That connect with nature

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Chandragiri Day Tour : That connect with nature Brief Insight

Chandragiri Day Tour


Chandragiri Day tour delivers extraordinary view of Himalayan ranges including Mt. Everest and Nepal valley with its surrounding territory. Mt. Annapurna ,Mt.Manaslu,Mt.Ganesh Himal,Mt.Langtang,Mt.Everest are major peak can be seen from the top of the hill.Top of the Chandragiri Hill is the key point of this trip which has located on 2551m from sea level. In addition: you can enjoy sky cycling, Zip line, Horse ride, swing and free fall. Chandragiri hill is the second highest hill after Pulchowki; set up in South west ridge of Kathmandu Valley. The bottom of the Chandragiri hills is just 14 kilometer away from center of Touristic hub,Thamel and takes 40 min drive with private transportation to reach. To achieve 2551m height from sea level, it takes 10 minute cable car ride. This hill has great significance for Pilgrimages, Historian and travelers. If you have a day in Kathmandu, we highly recommend taking this tour to make memorable stay here in Kathmandu.

Note: If you want to spend a night in Chandragiri Hills, they do have resort near to the Temple.

Historical Significance of Chandragiri Hill 

Centuries back, the current territory of Nepal has more or less than 54 tiny ethnic kingdom ruled by different dynasty .Malla was ruling inside the Kathmandu Valley where as Shaha in Gorkha. Nepal valley was more civilized, developed, fertile and richer than Gorkha Kingdom. In 1760s prince Prithivi Narayan Shaha from Gorkha was travelling towards his maternal mother’s home and reached on top of the Chandragiri hills .He amazed with beauty of it and noticed beautiful and well shaped valley down. He thought he would be rich and strong king if he could conquer the Nepal Valley. He worshiped the Bhaleswor Mahadev Temple exist on top of the hill and wished for successful annex. Later in 1768/69 he conquer the Nepal valley completely and started to rule from Kathmandu Once he got rich and well developed kingdom , he got more confident and keep continue to add more kingdom on his territory. He and his successor continued the unification process and set the current territory of Nepal after many ups and down in and out the battle field. The historian strongly said that this place as the seeds of unification process of Nepal.

Religious Significance of Chandragiri Hill 

Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple is also set up over top of the hill. According to the texts in Himvatkhanda, Dakhsya Prajapati organized one grand fire sacrifice ceremony on his home and invited all god and goddess however he didn’t invite to Lord Shiva. That news transformed to home of lord Shiva and Satidevi went back to his mother’s home .She saw everyone on that ceremony instead of her husband Lord Shiva and couldn’t tolerate all of those than jumped over the matured flame of fire. Lord Shiva became mad on lose of his wife and stepped down to earth with body of Satidevi  Heaven became silence than Brahma created a bacteria to decay the body of Satidevi. Once bacteria entered body of Satidevi , slowly different body part started to fall down in different location .Where ever body part fall down , Shakti appeared and started to worshiped as Shakti center . In Chandragir Bhala part (forehead) fall down and appeared the Bhaleswor Mahadev which is worshiped as a Shaktipith. Pilgrimages believed that their wishes be fulfilled if they visit and worship this Temple.

How can you reach Chandragiri Hill?

It is not too far away from central Kathmandu and can be reached within an hour with any kind of transportation. Local bus, Taxi, Motorcycle, cycle and private vehicle is available to reach on bottom of the hill. You can take vehicle near to top as well however road condition after Matatirhta is not paved and it may take hours to get the top. To escape from all unwanted situation people prefer to take cable car ride after bottom of the hill .Once you reach the bottom of the hill you will get the cable car bottom station set at 1500m from sea level .Cable car is just 2.5 KM and Gandula takes 9-10 min to land on top station. They do have more than 30 car and each car carry 8 people in one round .If you go on Monday, Saturday and festival day; you might encounter long queue to get cable car. After you get down from cable car at top station you need to walk 5-10 min to reach temple area.

Cable car cost?

ONE WAY 415 NPR 664 NPR 9  USD 13USD
TWO WAY 700 NPR 1120 NPR 15 USD 22 USD


Note: – Less than 3 feet height kids are not supposed to pay for cable car ride

Available activities in Chandragiri Hill

Sky cycling in Chandragiri Hills

Sky cycling in Chandragiri hill is currently installed near to zip line station. If you are above 80 KG they do not allowed to ride. 1100 NPR is the cost of sky cycling with video.

Zip line in Chandragiri Hills

200 meter long zip line is available near to sky cycling station. It cost 1100Npr with video.

Horse ridding in Chandragiri Hills

Very short and sweet horse ride service are available beside the children park .It cost 250 NPR for one ride for 10 min.

Swing in Chandragiri Hills

View Tower with binocular in Chandragiri Hills

In front of the Bhaleswor Temple, there is tower to see beautiful mountain ranges. It is just 50 Npr to enter to the tower however if you are not Nepali and SARC National you do not need to pay for it . It is free for other national than Nepali and SARC.

Children play ground in Chandragiri Hills

Free Fall in Chandragiri Hills

Restaurant in Chandragiri Hills

Souvenir shop in Chandragiri Hills


How to Book this tour?

There is hundreds of Tour Company set in Kathmandu. If you go in search of it you will find it. To Book with us is the details.


What’s up: – +977 9849066551

Best time of the Year


9:00 AM    Pick up from your hotel

10:15 AM Reached on bottom station

11:00 AM Reached on Top Station

11:20 PM Reached on Top of The Hill

02:30 PM Back to Bottom Station

03:10 PM Visit Swaymbhu Nath Stupa

04:30 PM Reached your hotel


  • Government licensed holder tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Cable car fee


  • Lunch
  • Bottle drinks
  • Thing not mentioned in inclusion .




Highlights of Chandragiri Day Tour : That connect with nature

  • Mt.Everest View
  • Bhaleswor Temple
  • Wonderful view from top
  • Sky cycling
  • Zip line

Note: Cost can varies according to Number of People

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