Tsum Valley is one of the most beautiful places to trek in Nepal. Tsum Valley is located in the eastern Nepal of Manaslu Trekking Region. This valley is a beautiful ancient village with a typical lifestyle. 

Tradition of the Tsumba people inhibits both Buddhist and Tibetan culture enough to melt your heart. They are very warm and welcoming people.

Tsum Valley, filled with the natural beauty of forests, rivers, flora, and abundant wildlife, enriches your trek to this valley. You can see magnificent views of Mt. Manaslu and Ganesh Himal.

The Himalayas, natural resources, landscapes, lifestyle, and culture fulfill your journey, making you live your life to the fullest. Tsum Valley is elegant and natural; far from the busy city area, it gives a peaceful and serene vibe, best suited for a mental break.

This valley, however, lies in one of the restricted areas of Nepal and also comes under the Manaslu Conservation Area. So, for a restricted area, you will need a special permit, and for a Conservation Area, you will need another. 

In total, two permits are required to trek Tsum Valley. Let’s talk about two permits required to trek Tsum Valley in detail:

Tsum Valley Restricted Area Permit 

Tsum Valley is a restricted area of Nepal because it is close to the border of Tibet. So, due to security reasons for control of tourism, a special permit is needed. This permit can be obtained only through Nepal’s government-registered trekking agency.

The agency will apply for the online form for the restricted area permit with the provided documents on the Immigration website and receive it from the Trekking Department of Nepal Immigration Office. It takes at least 2-3 hours to make this permit. 

The checkpoint of this permit is in Jagat. The cost of this permit varies from season to season. As Autumn is a peak season, the permit cost is expensive, while it costs cheaper during other seasons.

During Autumn, peak season, it costs 40 USD for the first week and 7 USD for each additional day in the restricted area. During other seasons, like winter, summer, and spring, it costs 30 USD for the first week and 7 USD for each additional day.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit

Tsum Valley is located in a conservation area of Manaslu, so a Manaslu Conservation Area Permit is needed to enter this valley. You can apply for this permit in Kathmandu’s National Tourism Board office. 

You must complete a form with your details and attach the required documents for this permit. Getting this permit takes only half an hour after filling out the form.

The cost of this permit depends on your nationality. For SAARC country residents, it costs 1000 NRP per person. However, for other countries, it costs 3000 NRP per person.

Required Documents for Tsum Valley Trek

  • Photocopy of passport
  • 2 passport-sized printed photograph
  • 1 scanned photograph for online form filled by agency
  • Travel insurance papers
  • Nepal tourist visa with a validity of at least 6 months

Terms and Conditions for Tsum Valley Trek

  • The permit fee is free for children under 10 years old.
  • The cost is nonrefundable and valid for single entry only.
  • Issue from designated office in Kathmandu, not from checkpoints of the trail.
  • You must carry it with you every time.
  • You cannot enter an area beyond permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permits

How do you obtain permits for the Tsum Valley Trek?

You can obtain a restricted area permit from a government-licensed agency, and for both conservation area permits, you can apply from the Tourism office in Kathmandu.

Is a TIMS permit card necessary?

No, it is unnecessary, as the report’s required details are already mentioned in the restricted area permit. 

Is a Guide necessary to trek Tsum Valley?

Yes, a licensed guide and a porter are mandatory for Tum Valley Trek because the trail is difficult to surpass on your own. 

Is a solo trek possible? 

No, a solo trek is not possible. It is the rule of the government to have at least two trekkers in your group and a guide as well.


To conclude, Tsum Valley is the most amazing trek you will ever experience. We have already mentioned two permits needed to enter this trek region. 

As Tsum Valley comes under a restricted region and a conservation area, you must be extra careful during your journey and follow all the rules. Have fun with your friends and family trekking Tsum Valley.

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