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Travelling has always been a great source of pleasure, adventure and experience to people from all around the world. Other than giving you time to rest, relax and spend time with your loved ones, travelling also empowers you to depend upon no one but yourself and explore the wonders of the world. 


Mobility trends in the past decades had only favored men for exploring and travelling the world. But in recent years, more women are being empowered and the statistics of women travelling has drastically increased. There are more female guides and tour operators generating who have contributed in making the solo women travelling successful.


Since the establishment of Mount Face Nepal, we have engrossed ourselves and specialized in training and developing the skills of female guides and assistants for guiding you in and around the great Himalayas of Nepal. We offer precisely designed tour and trek packages that are solely for women. 


Safety is our first concern which is why we have made sure that with the proper trek leader and rest days, you will remain safe from almost all kinds of mishaps and altitude sickness throughout the journey. This exclusive trek with MFN will lead you amongst some of the incredibly stunning and untouched locations with a blend of different unique and pristine cultures and lifestyle. 


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